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The Books of the New Testament

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Leighton Pullan’s The Books of the New Testament is a comprehensive introduction to the New Testament—substantial in content, yet accessible to the lay reader. This volume covers the entire New Testament, offering a helpful introduction and context. Pullan also includes a table of approximate dates for each book of the New Testament, as well as appendixes that contain “A Rationalist Criticism on St. John’s Writings,” “Papias and John the Presbyter,” “The Muratorian Fragment,” a list of recommended books, and one of the early witnesses to New Testament writings.

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Key Features

  • Introduction to every book in the New Testament
  • Accessible language
  • Supplemental information for further study

Product Details

  • Title: The Books of the New Testament
  • Author: Leighton Pullan
  • Publisher: Rivingtons
  • Publication Date: 1901
  • Pages: 303

About Leighton Pullan

Leighton Pullan (1865–1940) was a lecturer in theology at St. John’s and Oriel Colleges, Oxford. His works include The Atonement, The History of the Book of Common Prayer, The History of Early Christianity, Early Christian Doctrine, and The Church of the Fathers.