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Israel, Servant of God

Format: Digital
, 2003
ISBN: 9780567088987


How has the existence of the Jewish people been significant for the Christian faith? It is only since the end of the Second World War that attempts have been made to answer this question in a manner sympathetic to the Jewish people. Michel Remaud's book counts as one of the few pioneering efforts made so far to present a detailed theological answer to the question.

The book is comprised of three parts. Remaud begins with a re-thinking of classical Jewish and Christian interpretations of the Suffering Servant found in Isaiah 53. He suggests that what was accomplished in Christ in a single moment of time goes on happening through time in Israel. The Suffering Servant serves as a paradigm for Jewish history and a starting point for thinking about Jewish-Christian relations. Remaud devotes the middle part of his book to a frank discussion on the Shoah—the Hebrew term for the Holocaust—and describes in a circumspect manner the nature of the Christian responsibility for the Shoah. Before Auschwitz, could Christian thinking have taken a fresh look at the significance of the permanence of Israel? If it is true that all theology must be rooted in tradition, then is a theology of Auschwitz possible? Has the manner of believing, speaking or praying of Christians been affected by the shock of genocide? Remaud insightfully navigates these difficult—yet important—cultural and theological contours. The third part concerns current Christian teaching on themes linked to Judaism and suggests positive ways in which the two faiths may be linked. This is done without falling into syncretism or diminishing the special nature of each faith.

In Israel, Servant of God, Remaud brings an important theological and historical reflection to this timely topic. This book benefits pastors, scholars, and anyone interested in Israel, Judaism, and the relationship between the Jewish people and the Christian faith.

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Praise for the Print Edition

Many of its insights are profound, some breathtakingly so… yet the book is written clearly and concisely, guiding the reader surely on its path. Truly, it is a great gift for anyone involved in Christian-Jewish relations or anyone interested in better understanding Jesus the Jew and the Church he bequeathed to us.

—Eugene Fisher, Associate Director for Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Affairs, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

This is an invaluably original, lucid and profound theological and pastoral study, henceforth a sine qua non for the study of Paul, the theology of Jewish-Christian relations, and related fields.

—Gregory Glazov, Seton Hall University

Michael Remaud takes us back to the beginning, and what a journey! … the first time we have been presented with such courageous clarity and insight.

—André Sève, Panorama

You must read this brilliant book by Michel Remaud…

—Jacques Ellul, Un Chrétien pour Israël

Some experts on Jewish-Christian relations have said that Fr Remaud’s book itself is not far from being an historical event. This may well be no overstatement.

—Jean Halpérin, Christian Jewish Relations

Product Details

  • Title: Israel, Servant of God
  • Author: Michel Remaud
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 144

About Dr. Michel Remaud

Dr. Michel Remaud, FMI, is a teacher and writer. He studied at the Catholic University in Paris, and presently lives and works in Jerusalem. His previous books include Catholiques et Juifs: un nouvean regard (1985), Chrétiens et Juifs entre le passé et l’avenir (2000) and Evangile et tradition (2003).

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