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Reading Mark for the First Time

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9780809148431


Wilfrid J. Harrington explores his favorite gospel, the Gospel of Mark, with emphasis on why Mark tells the story the way he does. Harrington backs up his appreciation of the literary sophistication by outlining Mark’s technique. He demonstrates Mark’s storytelling and writing ability, and discusses the centrality of the cross to Mark’s account of Jesus. Mark’s theology is a theology of the cross, and his Jesus is the most human out of all the gospels. Harrington admires Mark’s realism, and confirms his conviction that the cross is indeed the heart of Christianity.

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  • Provides context to Mark’s narrative
  • Highlights literary characteristics
  • Explores Mark’s theology and his depiction of Jesus
  • Part One: The Story
    • Chapter 1. The Story
    • Chapter 2. Mark’s Literary Pointers
    • Chapter 3. The Ending of Mark’s Gospel
  • Part Two: The Message
    • Chapter 4. The Christ
    • Chapter 5. Suffering Christ
    • Chapter 6. Walking the Way

Wilfrid J. Harrington is an Irish Dominican priest. He studied theology in Rome and biblical studies in Jerusalem, and currently teaches Scriptures at the Priory Institute, at the Church of Ireland Theological College, and at Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, all of which are in Dublin.