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Interior Castle (audio)



A true masterpiece of spiritual reflection, Interior Castle contains the autobiographical journey of Teresa of Avila. She describes the spiritual life as a castle with many levels. Each individual begins in the lowest level of the castle steeped in the awareness of sin and a passion for spiritual maturity. As her metaphor unfolds, St. Teresa devotes a considerable amount of time to the contemplative life and the soul’s union with God. St. Teresa was plagued by constant illness and pain, making her spiritual meditations a vivid and tangible expression of devotion to Jesus Christ.

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  • Discusses the contemplative life and the soul’s union with God
  • Compares the stages of development of the soul with seven mansions
  • Provides insight into spiritual growth
  • The First Mansions
    • Description of the Castle
    • The Human Soul
  • The Second Mansions
    • War
  • The Third Mansions
    • Fear of God
    • Aridity in Prayer
  • The Fourth Mansions
    • Sweetness in Prayer
    • Divine Consolations
    • Prayer of Quiet
  • The Fifth Mansions
    • Prayer of Union
    • Effects of Union
    • Case of Union
    • Spiritual Espousals
  • The Sixth Mansions
    • Preparation for Spiritual Marriage
    • The Wound of Love
    • Locutions
    • Raptures
    • The Flight of the Spirit
    • Spiritual Jubilation
    • The Humanity of our Lord
    • Intellectual Visions
    • Imaginary Visions
    • Intellectual Visions continued
    • The Dart of Love
  • The Seventh Mansions
    • God’s Presence Chamber
    • Spiritual Marriage
    • Its Effects
    • Martha and Mary

St. Teresa of Ávila was a founder of the Discalced Carmelites along with St. John of the Cross. She wrote several books and was a prominent Roman Catholic saint, Carmelite nun, and theologian. She spent her life in Spain and died in 1582.


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