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These Beautiful Bones: An Everyday Theology of the Body

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It was John Paul II’s greatest gift to the Church: The theology of the body. A window into who we are, the theology of the body is a theology for the rooms where we make love. But it’s also a theology for the rooms where we work, where we eat, where we laugh, and where we pray. These Beautiful Bones takes you on a walk through those rooms. With both humor and practical wisdom, it sheds light on what the theology of the body has to say about life beyond the bedroom, about the everyday moments of life, helping you discover how to let grace enter into those moments and make of them something extraordinary.

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  • Offers a practical guide to the theology of the body
  • Presents a contemporary Catholic female perspective
  • Delivers both wisdom and humor
  • The Context and the Content of the Theology of the Body
    • A Tale of Two Worldviews
    • The Revelation of Man
  • The Theology of the Body in Every Day Life
    • The Joy of Labor, Laundry, and Lice
    • A Mission to Love
    • The Steps Within the Dance
    • Fig Leaves and Beyond
    • The Last and Other Suppers
    • The Liturgical Life
    • A Place of Disaffection
These Beautiful Bones is the book that lovers of the theology of the body have been long awaiting! It answers questions which have been asked for years now, such as “What does the theology of the body mean for how we eat and take care of our bodies?” or “What implications does it have in our technological world?” Applying concepts from John Paul II’s deep work to the questions and concerns of everyday life, it helps the reader to see life with a “sacramental worldview.” Simple, funny, and easy to read, I recommend Emily Stimpson’s book to everyone! Those versed in the theology of the body will appreciate its practical relevance, while those who are not yet familiar with John Paul II’s message will learn about it the easy way!

—Anastasia Northrop, president, Theology of the Body International Alliance

Emily Stimpson is to be commended for taking the theology of the body beyond the bedroom and applying the sacramental worldview to all aspects of life. Whether it’s mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, sitting on the porch with friends, or cleaning lice out of her house (one of many humorous stories she tells), Emily shows how the theology of the body is for “every body” in all the circumstances of life. Her writing is sharp, humorous, engaging, personal, and encouraging. Give this a read!

Christopher West, author, Theology of the Body Explained

Think you already know about the Theology of the Body? Think again. Emily Stimpson cracks open John Paul II’s revolutionary teachings in a way that few others have done, revealing layers of depth and richness that many of us never knew were there. Whether you’ve been studying this subject for years or are only beginning to explore it, These Beautiful Bones is a must-read.

—Jennifer Fulwiler, author, Something Other than God

As a writer, Emily Stimpson always brings to her readers a unique combination of deep wisdom, practical insight, and personal experience. In These Beautiful Bones, she uses the sacramental lens of the liturgy to explore a wide range of activities in daily life. Whether it’s your eating habits or clothing styles, the dignity of hard work or the pitfalls of pop culture, you will find in this book lots of graceful guidance in living out the physical side of being spiritual.

Scott Hahn, author, A Father Who Keeps His Promises: God’s Covenant Love in Scripture

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Emily Stimpson is a freelance Catholic writer whose work has appeared in publications such as First Things, Touchstone, The Fransican Way, National Catholic Register, and Faith and Family. Her other books include The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide for the Single Years and The American Catholic Almanac: A Daily Reader of Patriots, Saints, Rogues, and Ordinary People Who Changed the United States.

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