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Saint Augustine: The City of God, Books VIII–XVI

ISBN: 9780813215587
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Perhaps one of the most profound treatises on Christianity and government, the City of God envisions Christianity as a spiritual force, which should preoccupy itself with the heavenly city, New Jerusalem, rather than the earthly municipal and state affairs. The Fathers of the Church Series has divided this ancient classic into three convenient volumes.

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For more of Augustine, check out the Fathers of the Church: St. Augustine (30 vols.).

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About Augustine of Hippo

Aurelius Augustinus (354–430) is often simply referred to as St. Augustine or Augustine Bishop of Hippo (the ancient name of the modern city of Annaba in Algeria). He is the preeminent Doctor of the Church according to Roman Catholicism, and is considered by Evangelical Protestants to be in the tradition of the Apostle Paul as the theological fountainhead of the Reformation teaching on salvation and grace.

Top Highlights

“Such is the sacrifice of Christians: ‘We, the many, are one body in Christ.’ This is the Sacrifice, as the faithful understand, which the Church continues to celebrate in the sacrament of the altar, in which it is clear to the Church that she herself is offered in the very offering she makes to God.” (Page 127)

“A visible sacrifice, therefore, is a sacrament or sacred sign of an invisible sacrifice.” (Page 123)

“Unbelievers are also deceived by false documents which ascribe to history many thousands of years, although we can calculate from Sacred Scripture that not even six thousand years have passed since the creation of man.” (Page 263)

“God, the Author of all natures but not of their defects, created man good; but man, corrupt by choice and condemned by justice, has produced a progeny that is both corrupt and condemned.” (Pages 316–317)

“In Scripture, those who oppose God’s rule, not by nature but by sin, are called His enemies. They can do no damage to Him, but only to themselves; their enmity is not a power to harm, but merely a velleity to oppose Him.” (Page 249)


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    Foundational text that should be in every pastor's library.
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    Joshy John



Digital list price: $39.99
Save $9.00 (22%)