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Products>Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9: An Intertextual and Theological Exegesis (2 vols.)

Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9: An Intertextual and Theological Exegesis (2 vols.)

, 2005–2012
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This investigation builds upon the study of Paul’s use of Scripture as it is understood from perspective of intertextuality. Brian Abasciano’s exegetical method combines a thorough traditional exegesis with a comprehensive analysis of Paul’s use of Scripture. He does this by reading Romans 9 in light of the Jewish interpretive traditions of the texts to which Paul alludes in Romans 9, placing great emphasis on analyzing the original contexts of the Old Testament texts Paul uses. Covering Romans 9:1–18, Abasciano’s exegesis also takes into account the epistle as a whole, especially the famous pericope of chapters 9 through 11.

The study finds that many of the themes Paul deals with in Romans 9–11 are also present in ancient Jewish and Christian interpretive traditions surrounding the passages he invokes. More importantly, Paul’s scriptural quotations and allusions function as pointers to their broad original contexts, from which he developed much of the form, content, and direction of his argument. The final chapter seeks to draw conclusions concerning the significance of Paul’s use of the Old Testament in Romans 9:1–9 for the exegesis and theology of Romans and for Pauline intertextuality.

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  • Provides a thorough exegesis of Romans 9:1–18
  • Examines both the Jewish and Christian interpretive tradition of Romans 9:1–18
  • Unpacks the intertextual relationship between Romans 9:1–18 and the Old Testament
I find Abasciano’s study convincing. It is marked by careful, detailed, and fully contextualized exegesis. At the same time, the author never loses sight of the big picture.

Craig A. Evans, Payzant Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Acadia Divinity College

The monograph makes a fresh contribution to the study of Romans 9, particularly in strengthening and establishing the case for Paul’s use of Exodus 32 . . . It demonstrates how much a correct understanding of how Paul is using the Old Testament is vital for determining what he is arguing.

I. Howard Marshall, emeritus professor of New Testament exegesis and honorary research professor, University of Aberdeen

  • Title: Paul’s Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9:1-18: An Intertextual and Theological Exegesis
  • Author: Brian J. Abasciano
  • Series: The Library of New Testament Studies (JSNTS)
  • Publisher: T&T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 552
  • Resource Type: Monographs
  • Topic: Pauline Studies
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Brian J. Abasciano earned his PhD in divinity from the University of Aberdeen. He pastors at Faith Community Church in Hampton, New Hampshire, and serves as an adjunct professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


5 ratings

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  1. David Potete

    David Potete


    Great work; very solid and scholarly.
  2. Mr. Abreu

    Mr. Abreu


    Extremely useful.
  3. Natan de Carvalho
    I have used Dunn's, Wright's, Moo's, Schreiner's, MacArthur's, Klein's, Stott's, and Morris' commentaries. None of them are as thorough as Abasciano's. Granted, they are whole-book or 2-vol book commentaries and Abasciano focuses on a few verses, but this is indeed a necessary tool in one's shelves if one is trying to comprehend Romans 9 in an intertextual reading. I must note that I am not Arminian, and yet I benefitted greatly from Abasciano's comments, so you can definitely purchase this safely. One of my favorites indeed!
  4. Sean



    These volumes are a masterful, focused study of the subject matter indicated by their titles. Overall, they are excellent. These scholarly works are highly technical--e.g., Greek & Hebrew text go untranslated and untransliterated--but this is matched with a tight, highly readable style that should make them accessible to a wider audience interested in studying this crucial passage of Scripture in depth. The first volume is nearly flawless in execution and deserves 5 stars or more. The second volume is less disciplined, specifically suffering from run-away footnotes that interrupt the flow of the main body. (Many, many authors do this, but it's a habit that needs active discouragement. If a single sentence requires a footnote of explanation taking up half a page or more, the composition needs restructuring.) I eventually had to turn off the display of footnotes in Logos--something I don't like to do--and then it read much more smoothly. That criticism apart, I reiterate that this is a masterful study worthy of a five star rating. The planned third volume finishing the study of Romans 9 is eagerly awaited. Dr. Abasciano is somewhat well known as an Arminian scholar, and when drawing out the theological implications of his study, he does not refrain from expressing how it supports specific points of this theological perspective. I would encourage, however, anyone who is interested in detailed study of this passage to give these volumes a try. Even those who feel all the questions raised by Romans 9 have been definitively answered by their theological tradition can learn much from this work. *** FaithLife made these books available for free preview in Logos Now in April of 2016, for which I am thankful. Generally these Logos editions seem to be well-tagged and linked, however I noticed a few links in particular that were missing, namely to Westminster Theological Journal and Calvin's commentaries on the Bible. Given that the second volume came out no earlier than 2011, it is difficult to see why these links should be missing. It is evident that FaithLife is still having quality control issues in this area.
  5. James




Collection value: $64.99
Save $16.00 (24%)