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Products>The New Jerusalem Bible: The Complete Text of the Ancient Canon of the Scriptures

The New Jerusalem Bible: The Complete Text of the Ancient Canon of the Scriptures

, 1990

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Edited by distinguished Catholic biblical scholar Henry Wansbrough, The New Jerusalem Bible presents the entire Old and New Testaments in engaging and accessible prose ideal for study and reading. Engage each biblical book through informative introductions that address basic questions of authorship, provenance, and other issues of historical importance. The New Jerusalem Bible also gathers an assortment of helpful supplements, including seven detailed maps, genealogical and chronological tables, indexes for people, weights, and measures, as well as a calendar of biblical events.

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  • Presents an engaging, reader-friendly translation of the Bible
  • Includes basic background information to contextualize reading and study
  • Provides helpful charts, maps, and indexes

Henry Wansbrough is an English Catholic biblical scholar and a monk at Ampleforth Abbey, England. He is cathedral prior of Norwich, magister scholarum of the English Benedictine Congregation, a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, and emeritus professor of theology at the University of Oxford. He is currently Alexander Jones Professor of Biblical Studies at Liverpool Hope University. He has written several books, including The Sunday Word: A Commentary on the Sunday Readings, The Use and Abuse of the Bible: A Brief History of Biblical Interpretation, and Jesus and the Oral Gospel Tradition.


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  1. matthew



  2. Arun de Souza

    Arun de Souza


    For those used to British English this is a beautiful text that reads well. The notes add depth to the text and are well articulated.
  3. Marvin Bloos

    Marvin Bloos


  4. Miguel A Cardenas
  5. Paul



    I bought this out of curiosity as a non Roman Catholic. I love the format of these notes, they are clear and concise and well thought out. Logos did a excellent job with the format. 👍🏻 Most of the notes are good. However, it’s a shame that some of these notes are intertwine with theological liberalism, the historical-critical method is clearly used with some of these notes. Page 1995 “Most critics nowadays also reject the Petrine authorship, though the writer may have had some claim to represent Peter: perhaps he belonged to a group of Peter’s disciples, perhaps he filled out one of Peter’s writings with ideas from the letter of Jude. This is what we should call forgery, but the ancients had different conventions about authorship and pseudonymity” Essentially, what they’re saying is 2 Peter is a forgery. They are many more examples of the historical-critical method (aka unbelief) scattered throughout the notes, some subtle, some not so subtle. I would not recommend these study notes to those who are weak in their faith or new Christians. Theological notes should be there to strengthen faith not cast doubt. I enjoy reading the New Jerusalem Bible as a secondary translation. I would skip this version and just buy the readers edition without the notes. If I were a Roman Catholic I would stay clear of these study notes and use a resource such as The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible Collection by Scott Hahn. I’m confident you’re not going to run into the historical-critical method in those resources.
  6. Dan Francis

    Dan Francis


    The NJB is one of the finest translation made. The translation is faithful and very fresh with a high literary quality. But beyond that the notes are extremely informative and not overly dogmatic. Every serious student of scripture should own this.
  7. MHyde



    My last review was deleted. I think I ask questions that need to be address. Why has logos not responded to any of the comments posted here about this bible translation? They are two(2) to four(4) years old with no Logos response. Next question, Does logos not care about my money? You can see how much I have spent in the last few years. You can look into the future and see how much I will not be spending if I am continued to be treated with a lack of Brotherly Christian respect.
  8. Jeffrey Caperton
    This has been "Gathering Interest" for over two years of which I am aware. Weary of the wait, I contacted Darton, Longman and Todd directly a few months ago to inquire if they intend to release an ebook version of Wansbrough's New Jerusalem Bible anytime soon and was informed that current contract stipulations prevents them from releasing a ebook version (They were actually very nice in their response). I have recently been informed about the release of the a Kindle version of the Revised New Jerusalem Bible at Amazon with a current expected release date of April 30, 2019. While that is a rather long wait, it is still shorter than two years of "Gathering Interest", so I have pre-ordered with Amazon. Just for laughs, is "Gathering Interest" just a way of "jerking my chain"?
  9. Fr. Neil Xavier O'Donoghue
    Given that DLT in England (the main publisher of the NJB) has announced a new edition: The Revised New Jerusalem Bible, would it be possible to prepare a Logos version of the new third edition instead of the second edition? More details are available here:
  10. Tom Lutz

    Tom Lutz


    I received this in hardcopy as my HS graduation bible many moons ago. I still turn to it for reference. If I could do the same through Logos, I'd be a happy camper.