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Following in the Footsteps of Jesus: Meditations on the Gospels for Year A


This personal meditation on the words of Jesus transforms us—more than all the explanations, sermons, and exhortations we read elsewhere, which reach us from the outside. People change from within. Jesus’s words reach within us to transform us unlike any other force. Perhaps this is one of the most serious problems of our religion: too frequently it is not the vital sap of Jesus that passes through our hearts.

The life of the church would be transformed if believers, Christian couples, priests, religious, bishops and educators would make the Gospels their bedside book. This publication offers a guide for reading Sunday Gospels and meditating homilies every week for the liturgical cycle A.

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  • Offers a guide and homilies for each Sunday Gospel reading
  • Presents readers with a brief commentary on the text
  • Includes meditations for the readings for the first year of the lectionary cycle

José Antonio Pagola was born in Spain in 1937. He completed his theological studies in 1962 at the Papal Gregorian University in Rome, and his studies in Sacred Scripture at the Papal Biblical Institute in Rome in 1963. He also studied biblical sciences at the École Biblique in Jerusalem. Pagola is a professor at St. Sebastian Seminary and at the Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain. He has dedicated his life to biblical studies and Christology and has done research on the historical Jesus for more than 30 years.