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New Testament Commentary Survey, 6th ed.

ISBN: 9781441250254
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This much-anticipated sixth edition of the New Testament Commentary Survey offers students and pastors an updated look into available resources on the New Testament. Pastors, seminarians, and theology students will eagerly welcome this invaluable tool into their biblical studies libraries. In this succinct yet thorough survey, Carson examines sets, one-volume commentaries, and New Testament introductions and theologies, before offering extensive comments on the available offerings for each New Testament book, noting intended audience, levels of difficulty, and theological perspective. He records the publisher, price, and current publication status, identifies those texts he considers overpriced, and advises readers when to delay purchase for forthcoming works. The book concludes with a useful “Best Buys” section where Carson indicates the most valuable works for each individual New Testament book.

Top Highlights

“Pride of place should go to the new ICC commentary by W. D. Davies and Dale C. Allison.” (Page 50)

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: New Testament” (Page 21)

“The dominant need is to understand meanings accurately.” (Page 15)

“The New International Commentary on the New Testament (/Eerdmans” (Page 26)

“The best English-language commentary on Ephesians is now that of Peter T. O’Brien (Pillar; 1999, /$40.00).” (Page 108)

The multiplication of commentaries and monographs on individual books of the New Testament, and the difficulty of discerning the wheat from the chaff, makes this book a valuable resource indeed—a must read for the student or pastor who is building his or her library. Don Carson’s expert guidance will save the beginning student from many bad purchases. . . Carson certainly provides all one needs to arrive at a ‘short list’ of necessary resources and to be acquainted with the potential pitfalls and strengths of most books that a student might encounter in the course of researching an exegetical paper. This book is highly recommended.

—David A. DeSilva, Ashland Theological Journal

Numerous students, ministers—and, I suspect, theological teachers—will have used previous editions of this invaluable little book. . . As a reference tool, Carson's book is a gold mine of informed judgment. It is a great strength of the book that Carson does not place value on a book because it confirms his theological position but because it helps the careful and critical reader better understand the biblical text. Yet Carson is prepared to indicate clearly where an author's presuppositions or methods influence his or her approach to the text in a negative way. In fact, to read through this book is to get a concise introduction to trends and key players in contemporary NT studies. . . If you have any intention of building up a personal library on the New Testament that is full of tools which are effective in aiding you to understand the meaning of the biblical text, read Carson before you spend your money. You may not always agree with his comments but you will be helped to make more informed choices.


This is the most useful survey of New Testament commentaries currently available.

—John F. Brug, Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly

Carson's work is most valuable and his perceptive remarks will serve pastors and students well.

—David S. Dockery, Review and Expositor

[An] eminently useful survey. . .The author has developed a running narrative approach which is refreshing and much more readable than the traditional bibliographic method. . .This work is highly recommended for both its informative value and the unique accomplishment for a bibliography, it is interesting and entertaining to read.

—Dennis M. Swanson, Master's Seminary Journal

D. A. Carson (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is author or editor of numerous books, many of which are found in the D. A. Carson Collection and the D. A. Carson 'Love of God' Collection.


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