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Byzantine Lectionary (Gregorian)

Format: Digital
, 2015


The Byzantine Lectionary (Gregorian) contains Scripture readings for every day of the year, according to the Gregorian calendar of certain Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches. Also included are special readings for Great Feasts, Holy Week, and other general commemorations and events.

The readings are arranged by calendar date and the resource automatically opens at the appropriate set of readings. For each Sunday or feast, the title, season, and liturgical/vestment colors are provided. The text of the readings for the day is displayed in the translation you specify at the top of the panel, and links are provided to open your Bible resource to each reading. You can also right-click to quickly access Logos guides, tools, and searches for both deeper study and better homily preparation.

For general study, you can also find a complete listing of readings organized by liturgical event (i.e. more like a print lectionary that you can re-use annually) in the “Index of Readings” section within the lectionary resource.

  • Daily readings for certain Orthodox and Eastern Catholic services
  • Easily prepare for Sunday homilies with the appropriate Gospel readings
  • Comprehensive list of readings for special commemorations
  • Works with your favorite commentaries and Bible translations