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Mystery of Christ: The Liturgy as Spiritual Experience

, 2008
ISBN: 0826406971


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Following upon Open Mind, Open Heart, which presents a profound formation in Christian prayer, this book demonstrates the contemplative dimension of Christian worship. Here Father Keating recovers the deeper sense of the liturgical year and shares a theological and mystical perspective on the major feasts of the annual cycle. The reader is immersed in the wonder of faith in the mystery of Christ and of the unique nature of God’s action and presence in and through the liturgy of our lives.

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Key Features

  • Provides instructional guidebooks, workbooks, and daily devotionals to ease you into silent worship
  • Combines contemporary psychological wisdom with time-tested spiritual strategies
  • Presents valuable insights and practical application

Top Highlights

“Here we find the basic pattern of the Christian path. Jesus, by his example and teaching, approaches us from without in order to awaken us to his divine Presence within. The Eternal Word of God has always been speaking to us interiorly, but we have not been able to hear his voice. When we are adequately prepared, the interior Word begins to be heard. The external word of scripture and the interior Word arising from the depths of our being become one. Our inner experience is confirmed by what we hear in the liturgy and read in scripture.” (Pages 44–45)

“The first word that Jesus speaks as he enters upon his ministry is ‘repent’, which means, ‘change the direction in which you are looking for happiness.’ Happiness cannot be found in the programs fashioned in early childhood and based on instinctual needs for survival and security, affection and esteem, and power and control over as much of life as possible. These programs cannot possibly work in adult life, although everyone tries hard to make them workable. Happiness can be found only in the experience of union with God, the experience that also unites us to everyone else in the human family and to all reality.” (Page 5)

“The heart of the Christian ascesis—and the work of Lent—is to face the unconscious values that underlie the emotional programs for happiness and to change them. Hence the need of a discipline of contemplative prayer and action.” (Page 39)

“We are in God and God is in us, and the unifying force is the Spirit. To live in the Spirit is the fulfillment of every law and commandment, the sum of every duty to each other, and the joy of oneness with everything that is.” (Page 92)

Praise for the Print Edition

The book would be an ideal resource for a liturgy committee or parish Scripture study group that might come together to reflect on the liturgical season. What Keating does in this book, ideally, is what every homilist should do also. He weaves together the Scripture proclaimed, the mystery that the liturgy celebrates, and the everyday life of the people assembled. When that weaving is done with a contemplative, sacramental imagination, the mutual presence of Christ and those gathered has the power to transform the world.

—Kathleen Hope Brown

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About Thomas Keating

Thomas Keating is known throughout the world as an exponent, teacher, and writer on contemplative prayer. A Cistercian (Trappist) monk of St. Benedict’s Monastery, Snowmass, Colorado, he is a founder of the Centering Prayer Movement and of Contemplative Outreach. He is the author of numerous books, particularly of the trilogy Open Mind, Open Heart; Invitation to Love; and The Mystery of Christ. Among his most recent books is The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living, compiled by S. Stephanie Iachetta. He served as abbot at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Massachusetts for 20 years before retiring to Snowmass, where he now resides.


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