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Products>A Year with the Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom for Daily Living

A Year with the Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom for Daily Living

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Times change, but human nature does not. Neither do our daily struggles and our need for wise guidance to direct us on the road to holiness. In A Year with the Church Fathers, popular patristics expert, Mike Aquilina, gathers the wisest, most practical teachings and exhortations from the Fathers and presents them in a format perfect for daily meditation and inspiration. Learn to humbly accept correction from St. Clement of Rome. Let Tertullian teach you how to clear your mind before prayer. Read St. Gregory the Great and deepen your love for the Eucharist. Do you suffer from pain or illness? St. John Chrysostom’s counsels will refresh you. Do you have trouble curbing your appetite for food and other fleshly things? St. John Cassian will teach you the true way to moderation and self-control.

A Year with the Church Fathers is different from a study guide, and more than a collection of pious passages. It is a year-long retreat that will lead you on a cycle of contemplation, prayer, resolution, and spiritual growth that is guaranteed to bring you closer to God and his truth.

Top Highlights

“When sin tempts me, does it help to remember that the object of my temptation was created good by God, and for a special purpose?” (Page 4)

“‘Where are you going, Peter? Why are you turning in on yourself? Turn to me. Put your trust in me. Follow me. The hour of your suffering has not come yet. Why do you fear what you too will overcome? Do not let the weakness in which I share confound you. I was fearful for you; now you be confident in me.’” (Page 38)

“Lord, help me prepare for my death with an appropriate fear of judgment, but an even greater trust in your mercy. Bring me safe through my death to the eternal joy of heaven.” (Page 10)

“Father, Creator of the universe, may none of your marvelous works be silent, but may all creation join in singing a hymn of praise to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” (Page 6)

“It is not an enemy that attacks you from outside, but an evil shoot growing up from inside yourself” (Page 90)

Mike Aquilina is author or editor of more than a dozen books on Catholic history, doctrine, devotion, and Church Fathers. Mike’s career in publishing spans two decades, and hundreds of his articles have appeared in many periodicals and journals in the United States and abroad. He is vice president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology based in Steubenville, Ohio. He has also been co-host, with Scott Hahn, of several programs aired on EWTN. He also appears regularly as a panelist on “The Weekly Roman Observer” broadcast by Catholic Familyland Network.


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