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Fundamental Theology: A Protestant Perspective

, 2015
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Introducing the academic discipline of Christian theology, Fundamental Theology is an orientation to Protestantism’s core theological concepts, addressing both preliminary and foundational aspects of the discipline in the context of a liberal arts education. Matthew Becker sets forth what has traditionally been called a “theological encyclopedia”, that provides a detailed explanation and examination of the parts of Christian theology that together form the discipline into a unified academic subject. Finally, Becker examines the relation of Christian theology to the arts and sciences within the university and underscores the need for critical and positive interaction with these other academic disciplines. Rooted in the Lutheran tradition, this text prepares readers to enagege is substantive and constructive theological conversation within both the chuch and the academy.

Examine Protestantism’s core theology with The Precious and Sacred Writings of Martin Luther (14 vols.).

Key Features

  • Examines Genesis 1:26–27 from theological-anthropological standpoint
  • Contructs anthropological identity within creation juxtposed against the “culture of desire”
  • Argues that biblical “idol” language is the inversion of biblical “image” language, especially imago dei


  • Part I: Theology
    • Ways into Theology
    • Traditions of Christianity
    • Traditions of Christian Theology
    • What is Christian Theology?
  • The Subject of Christian Theology
    • The Problem of God
    • The Natural Knowledge of God
    • Natural and Philosophical Theology
    • The Natural Knowledge of God
    • Natural and Philosophical Theology
    • Special Revelation
    • Themes in Special Revelation
    • Sources and Norms of Christian Theology
    • Interpreting the Bible
  • Christian Theology within the University
    • The Shape of Christian Theology as a University Discipline
    • The Sub-disciplines of Christian Theology
    • Christian Theology within the Humanities
    • Christian Theology and the Sciences

Praise for the Print Edition

The book labours to be user-friendly, offering questions for review and discussion and further reading in each chapter, extensive glossaries of key terms and names, and good indexes. There is much stimulating orientation here for beginners [and it] should find an appreciative student readership in the settings for which it is designed.

—Ivor J. Davidsonn, professor, University of St. Andrews

Dr Becker's book is destined to become a standard textbook both in college and seminary courses of theology. I know of no better compendium of Christian theology to introduce beginning students to the study of theology. This book is encyclopaedic in scope, offering wide-ranging and judicious coverage of the foundational teachings and practices within the mainstream of the classical Christian tradition, beginning with their roots in the Scriptures and branching out in many and various ways in Eastern and Western Christianity, ancient, medieval, and modern, to the present-day. Students and teachers of theology will very much appreciate that this book combines two qualities in a commendable way: fair-mindedness both in its presentation of whatever subject matter is being treated and in its critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the positions under review.

Carl E. Braaten, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

This is one of the highest praises I can bestow on a scholarly book that has been written for undergraduate students. Dr Becker has fulfilled a task that is not easy to do. As one of my teachers used to say to us, "It is easy to write complicated texts, but writing one that is comprehensible - that is tricky!" Dr Becker has written a thorough introduction to Christian theology which, nevertheless, is quite comprehensible.

—Notger Slenczka, professor, Humboldt University, Germany

In this text introducing students and general readers to the basis of Christian theology, Matthew Becker invites readers to wrestle with the most important questions facing Christians in our time. the best introductory textbooks respect students enough to ask them not only to know a subject's basic vocabulary and grammar but also to think through the material. Becker's is a student-friendly text not only because it provides learning helps, but most importantly because it hooks readers with the inner logic of faith's truth claims.

—Mark C. Mattes, professor, Grand View University

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About Matthew L. Becker

Matthew L. Becker is associate professor of theology at Valparaiso University. He is an ordained Lutheran minister and the author of several books on Lutheran theology, including The Self-Giving God and Salvation History: The Trinitarian Theology of Johannes von Hofmann.


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    Digital list price: $31.99
    Save $6.00 (18%)

    Gathering interest