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Jewish Origins Collection (13 vols.)

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The 13-volume Jewish Origins Collection examines the history of Judaism and the history of Israel as it is represented in both the Old Testament and in the historical and archaeological evidence. The authors assess the theological and social implications of Israel’s development, the emergence of Judaism in the culture of ancient Palestine, and the key characters in Hebrew Scripture, such as Moses, Joshua, and Elijah. They also outline the developments of Passover symbolism, the role of exile in Jewish and Christian thought, and the relationship between Samaritan and Jewish traditions.

The history of the Jewish people has fascinated generations of archaeologists, biblical scholars, theologians, and laypeople from both Jewish and Christian traditions. Jewish history has been the focus of academic study, political controversy, and theological dispute for centuries. It is deeply interwoven with Christian history. Grappling with Jewish origins and the history of Israel inevitably raises historical, cultural, and hermeneutical questions about the Bible. The study of Jewish origins is infused with the biblical narrative—proposing a new methodology for understanding Jewish history affects how the Bible is read and understood. This collection will benefit pastors and laypersons interested in Jewish history, as well as scholars working at the intersection of Old Testament study and Jewish thought.

  • Examination of Jewish history and historiography
  • Outline of the development of Passover symbolism
  • Biblical chronologies
  • Study of the role of exile in Jewish and Christian thought
  • All Scripture references are linked to Hebrew texts and English Bible translations in your library
  • Title: Jewish Origins Collection (13 vols.)
  • Volumes: 13
  • Pages: 3,417
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Collection value: $337.87
Save $153.88 (45%)
Payment plans available in cart