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Joel (The International Theological Commentary | ITC)

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The book of Joel is held to be one of the latest prophetic witnesses; it cites other books of the book of the Twelve prophets with a density that distinguishes it from its neighbours. The concept of the "Day of the LORD" which runs throughout the Minor Prophets as a whole reaches its zenith in Joel and its co-mingling of ecological and military metaphors advances Hosea on the former and anticipates later texts on the latter.

In this volume within T&T Clark’s International Theological Commentary Series Christopher Seitz starts from a foundation of historical-critical methodology to provide an account of Joel's place and purpose within the book of the Twelve prophets as a whole. Seitz examines the theology and background of Joel, and shows how Joel's theological function can provide a major hermeneutical key to the interpretation of the wider collection, and teases out the precise character of that role.

The T&T Clark International Theological Commentary (ITC) offers a verse by verse interpretation of the Bible that addresses its theological subject matter, gleaning the best from both the classical and modern commentary traditions and showing the doctrinal development of Scriptural truths. A companion series to the long-running International Critical Commentary Series (ICC) (61 vols.) the ITC bears all the same hallmarks of scholarly rigour and excellence. The two series will be published alongside each other with the ITC's focus being on the theological significance of biblical texts.

Discover the powerful possibilities on theological interpretation for contemporary issues with Interpretation: Resources for the Use of Scripture in the Church (6 vols.).

Key Features

  • Moves from empirical historical-critical exegesis to reading Joel as a theological document for the church
  • Establishes the theological message of the book in Joel’s time and then interprets it with the theological traditions of the historical church
  • Unpacks the hermeneutical implications of relating Joel to the rest of “The Twelve” and how to read the prophets in light of one another


  • Joel as a Prophet Among Prophets: The Challenge
  • A Canonical Reading of Joel and the History of Interpretation
  • Joel and Prior Prophecy
  • The Unity of the Book of Joel and Modern Research
  • Intertextuality: Joel’s Character as Prophet
  • Who is Joel?
  • The Message and Purpose of the Book of Joel
  • The Day of the Lord in the Book of Joel
  • The Living God of Joel in the Lived Life of the Church

Praise for the Print Edition

This careful and well-balanced commentary by Christopher Seitz on Joel is an excellent start to the new ITC series, the companion series to the famous ICC. While numerous scholars today tend to read Joel in relation to the other books of the Twelve, Seitz vehemently demonstrates why Joel should be considered as an integral book in its own right. Seitz illuminates the nuance and quantity of intertextual references in the book. This is a very impressive work which highlight the multiple facets of the book of Joel.

—Jörg Jeremias, emeritus professor of Old Testament, University of Marbury

Finally, a commentary series that places theology at the centre of academic interpretation. With his proven expertise, Christopher Seitz—am internationally renowned scholar in the tradition of Brevard S. Childs—is exactly the right person to begin this new series. His reading of Joel is done with good knowledge of both the power and limits of biblical criticism. Seitz revives the prophet Joel’s forgotten theological impact. An excellent piece of work, his interpretation brings to light once more the treasures of the Christian tradition of exegesis with impressive knowledge, which is greatly enhanced by his own theological observations.

—Hermann Spieckermann, chair of Old Testament, University of Göttingen

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About Christopher R. Seitz

Christopher R. Seitz is senior research professor of biblical interpretation at the Toronto School of Theology, Wycliffe College. Formerly, he taught at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphis, Yale, and the University of St. Andrews. Seitz is the student of preeminent Old Testament scholar Brevard Childs and has continued to build upon his legacy and distinguish himself in his own right as a leading voice for doing biblical theology within a “canonical” context. He is the author of numerous books on biblical theology, including Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible: Colossians, The Character of Christian Scripture: The Significance of a Two-Testament Bible, The Goodly Fellowship of the Prophets: The Achievement of Association in Canon Formation, and Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible: Colossians.

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Digital list price: $74.99
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