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One of the most important intellectuals, writers, and scholars of his day, the Venerable Bede earned the title “The Father of English History” after chronicling one of the most significant books on Anglo-Saxon history and the early expansion of Christianity in England. Contained in this three volume collection is Bede’s masterwork The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation, a remarkable anthology of his selected short writings and letters, and his commentary on the Book of Revelation, Explanation of the Apocalypse. A virtuosic storyteller and historian, the Works of the Venerable Bede displays an incredible breadth of scholarship from an extraordinary man of faith.

Ordained at age nineteen as a deacon, then a priest at age thirty, Bede spent almost his entire life living and studying in the monastic community of Jarrow, the intellectual epicenter of Northern England. It was there where he learned Latin, Greek, and Hebrew and began his prolific writing on history, theology, poetry, translation, and biblical interpretation.

As entertaining as they are informative, the Works of the Venerable Bede (3 vols.) are some of the most invaluable resources of European Christian history ever written. With Logos Bible Software, these books are completely searchable, with passages of scripture appearing on mouse-over, as well as being linked to Latin texts and English translations in your library.

Key Features

  • In-depth biography of Bede included
  • Detailed table of contents
  • Comprehensive appendices

Praise for the Print Edition

There is a definite thrill to reading the actual words set down by the infamously unassuming monk himself.

—Online Reviewer

Bede's marvelous history of England from the invasion of Julius Caesar up until his own time (the early 8th century) is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read.

—Online Reviewer

Product Details

  • Title: Works of the Venerable Bede (3 vols.)
  • Author: Bede
  • Volumes: 3
  • Pages: 1,015

Individual Titles

The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation

  • Author: Bede
  • Publisher: James Bohn
  • Publication Date: 1845
  • Pages: 410

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The Venerable Bede’s The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation has endured as one of the most important and engaging books of history ever written. Divided into five books, The Ecclesiastical History chronicles the Christian history of England, as well as its political history, from the time of Caesar’s invasion in 55 B.C. to the year it was completed, about 731.

The most important record we have from this time period, Bede’s exciting work recounts the rise of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England through the vivid depictions of England’s formative years: epic battles, heroic soldiers, kings and queens, monks and bishops, saints and martyrs. A thrilling journey into history, filled with unforgettable characters and events, Bede’s The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation is essential reading for understanding the spread of Christianity throughout England in the Middle Ages.

The Historical Works of Venerable Bede

  • Author: Bede
  • Publisher: James Bohn
  • Publication Date: 1845
  • Pages: 391

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Contained in this volume are some of the Venerable Bede’s shorter works, including the biographies of various abbots, monks, and bishops that depict the fascinating daily life of monastic living. Also included are some of Bede’s original letters relating to his Ecclesiastical History and his thoughts on Church discipline, as well as his Chronicles of the Ages of the World. This fascinating collection of works is prefaced with a detailed biography of the renowned monk’s life and work.

Explanation of the Apocalypse

  • Author: Bede
  • Publisher: James Parker and Co.
  • Publication Date: 1878
  • Pages: 205

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Written about 710–716, Explanation of the Apocalypse is one of the earliest commentaries on the Book of Revelation ever written. Bede’s succinct but in-depth commentary, separated into three books, is unique in its division of Revelation into seven distinct sections. Included in this volume is a letter to Eusebius, where Bede explains his reasons for structuring his commentary the way he did, as well as an index of the passages of Scripture that he references.

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About Bede

Bede (673–735) was ordained as a deacon at age nineteen, and a priest at the age of thirty. A teacher, theologian, historian, author, poet, and biblical exegete, Bede was one of the foremost intellectuals of his time. He spent the majority of his life living and studying at the Northumbrian monastery in Jarrow, where he authored his famous work The Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation.


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