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Christianity and the Enquiring Mind


In this book Dr. Louw Alberts, a respected scientist and dedicated Christian, discusses the so-called clash between a Bible-based Christian faith and the scientific approach. He believes that this seeming conflict is an indication that our knowledge of science and religion is still insufficient. Theologians must admit that a reading of the Word is always subject to fresh interpretation and scientists, likewise, must concede that their theories are not necessarily untouchable. In Christianity and the inquiring mind the following gripping topics are, inter alia, under scrutiny: The big bang model, The Christian and Darwin's evolution theory, How old is planet earth?, Genesis and the advent of man, The origin of biological life on earth.

Product Details

  • Title: Christianity and the Enquiring Mind
  • Author: Louw Alberts
  • Publisher: Christian Publishing Co.
  • Publication Date: 1997