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There Really is a Difference!


The study of theology is considered a dreary affair by all too many contemporary Christians. It is alarming to hear people say that they do not pay attention to doctrine, but seek only to be involved, loving, practical Christians. One shudders to think what this philosophy will produce in the future. We practice what we believe to be true, so doctrine does make a difference! It reveals the very meaning of our existence and, therefore, provides the means to experience fulfilled and fruitful lives. Dr. Showers provides a valuable resource for those of us who are not theologians by writing in clear, readable language, and demonstrates the practical necessity of knowing what you believe. This volume will bring clarity, understanding, and perspective to your Bible study. The result can be a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and enthusiasm in your walk with God.

Product Details

  • Title: There Really is a Difference!
  • Author: Renald E. Showers
  • Publisher: The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry
  • Publication Date: 1990