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Everyman's Bible Commentary: Mark

Format: Digital
, 1970
ISBN: 9780802420411


Mark is a Gospel on the move. Jesus travels quickly, conversations happen abruptly, and the narrative is snappy. The shortest and most concise of the Gospels, Mark contains confusing parables, and repeated demands by Jesus for secrecy. The Gospel ends with the perplexing scene of the women fleeing in fear.

Ralph Earle’s commentary on the Gospel of Mark helps explains the confusing elements of this important Gospel. From Jesus’ early ministry, Earle shows us that what Mark lacks in length it makes up in depth.

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Product Details

  • Title: Mark
  • Author: Ralph Earle
  • Publisher: Moody
  • Publication Date: 1970
  • Pages: 126

About Ralph Earle

Ralph Earle (1908-1995; B.A., Eastern Nazarene College; M.A., Boston University; B.D., Gordon Divinity School; D.D., Eastern Nazarene College) was Distinguished Professor of New Testament Emeritus at the Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Missouri, where he first began teaching in 1945. While holding pastorates in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and Everett, Massachusetts, from 1933 to 1945, he was Professor of Biblical Literature at Eastern Nazarene College, Wollaston, Massachusetts. He later served on the fifteen-man Committee on Bible Translation, the governing body for the New International Version of the Bible. Ralph is the author of several books including Word Meanings in the New Testament, How We Got Our Bible, Exploring the New Testament, and Story of the New Testament. He is now at home with his Lord.