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Critical Review of Books in Religion 1992


Critical Review of Books in Religion has two sections. The first section contains more extensive review articles dealing with several books and articles of interest. The second section contains shorter book reviews in several different categories. Reviews in Critical Review embrace books that are cross or multi-disciplinary in nature and that thereby would be of interest to readers in more than one field (e.g., literature and religion, comparative studies, or women and religion) This volume contains two review articles by Gregory Bruce and Richard Wentz. The reviews cover books that fall under such topics as biblical studies, Buddhism, ethics, Judaism, and comparative studies.


  • Eldon Jay Epp
  • William Scott Green
  • John J. Collins
  • James O. Duke
  • Leo G. Perdue
  • David M. Scholer

Product Details

  • Title: Critical Review of Books in Religion 1992
  • Editor: Eldon Jay Epp
  • Publisher: Scholars Press
  • Publication Date: 1992
  • Pages: 542

About Eldon Jay Epp

Eldon Jay Epp is Harkness Professor of Biblical Literature Emeritus at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio), and the President of the Society of Biblical Literature (2003-2004).