Critical Review of Books in Religion 1993

2 publishers
, 1994


Critical Review of Books in Religion has two sections. The first section contains more extensive review articles dealing with several books and articles of interest. The second section contains shorter book reviews in several different categories. The three lead articles encompass facets of Japanese religions, East Asian and South East Asian Buddhism, and Hinduism. These were commissioned in an effort to balance the previous preponderance of emphasis on so-called Western religions in Critical Review, both in the articles but especially in the reviews. The range of book reviews includes such topics as medieval Judism, science and religion, native religion and popular religion, or the ancient near east.


  • Eldon Jay Epp
  • William Scott Green
  • John J. Collins
  • James O. Duke
  • Leo G. Perdue
  • David M. Scholer
  • Th. Emil Homerin

Product Details

  • Title: Critical Review of Books in Religion 1993
  • Editor: Eldon Jay Epp
  • Publisher: Scholars Press
  • Publication Date: 1993
  • Pages: 627

About Eldon Jay Epp

Eldon Jay Epp is Harkness Professor of Biblical Literature Emeritus at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio), and the President of the Society of Biblical Literature (2003-2004).


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