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Studies in Early Church History

, 1998


In these studies the aim is to set forth the great leading facts in regard to the belief and life of the early Church. This is done in ten divisions or studies:

  • The Church in Jerusalem.
  • The Church in Antioch.
  • The Church in the Provinces.
  • The Church in Rome.
  • The Church in the Catacombs.
  • The Church in Worship.
  • The Church in the Books.
  • The Church in Controversy.
  • The Church in Persecution.
  • The Church in Victory.

This book is for the use of adult Bible and teacher training classes, Bible study circles, educational institutions and private study.

Product Details

  • Title: Studies in Early Church History
  • Author: Henry Thorne Sell
  • Publisher: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing
  • Publication Date: 1998