The Return of the Lord Jesus

Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 1913


The Return of our Lord Jesus has been the great hope of all true believers since His ascension as recorded in the book of Acts, and Christians of every age have lived with a sense of expectancy, knowing that Christ could come at any moment. That sense of expectancy is growing in our day, undoubtedly with good reason, as so many biblical signs of the end of the age seem to be evident in our world. This reprint of Torrey’s original work is here offered both as a glimpse into the view of an earlier Bible scholar on the return of Christ, and as a still helpful overview of the biblical teaching on this important subject.

Product Details

  • Title: The Return of the Lord Jesus
  • Author: R. A. Torrey
  • Publisher: Woodlawn Electronic Publishing
  • Publication Date: 1998


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