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How to Rescue Your Loved One from the Watch Tower

By / Baker / 1989

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Jehovah's Witnesses are often trained in debating the truths of Christianity, this resource will help you refute the claims of the Watch Tower with an organized and logical defense. This book will help you:

  • Plan your strategy and learn techniques that work.
  • Collect convincing evidence.
  • Present your material in the proper manner at the appropriate time.
  • Become familiar with the tools you'll need.

Key Features

How to Rescue Your Loved One from the Watch Tower guides the reader through the process of helping their loved ones part with the Jehovah's Witnesses.  This resource also includes:

  • Dozens of scans of Jehovah's Witnesses literature
  • A chart and images which illustrate Jehovah's Witnesses beliefs
  • Other detailed descriptions of what Jehovah's Witnesses believe

This resource also features a very useful index of theological terms used by the Watch Tower. A large part of reaching out to Jehovah's Witnesses is knowing what they believe. This book certainly fills that need by offering the knowledge of a former member of the Watch Tower.

Product Details

  • Title: How to Rescue Your Loved One from the Watch Tower
  • Author: David A. Reed
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 165

About David Reed

David A. Reed edits Comments from the Friends, a publication on Jehovah's Wintesses' beliefs. He is president of Gospel Truth Ministries, Inc. Reed also wrote Jehovah's Witnesses: Answered Verse by Verse and Jehovah's Witness Literature.