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Galatians Re-Imagined: Reading with the Eyes of the Vanquished

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ISBN: 9780800638641


Brigitte Kahl brings to this insightful reading of Galatians a deep knowledge of the classical world and especially of Roman imperial ideology. The first wave of scholarship on the Roman imperial context of Paul's letters raised important questions that only thorough treatments of individual letters can answer. Kahl sets the letter to the Galatians in the context of Roman perceptions of vanquished peoples as represented in the Great Altar at Pergamum. Beginning with a perceptive discussion of the Great Altar, Kahl describes imperial representations of Roman power as well as the characteristics officially imputed to conquered peoples, including the "savage" Galatians (Gauls).

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  • Bibliographical references
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Product Details

  • Title: Galatians Re-Imagined
  • Author: Brigitte Kahl
  • Publisher: Fortress Press
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 272

About Brigitte Kahl

Brigitte Kahl is Professor of New Testament at Union Theological Seminary, New York. She received her Th.D. and Dr.Sc.Theol. from Humboldt University in Berlin and is an ordained minister of the Protestant Church of Berlin-Brandenburg.

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