The Numerical Bible, Vol. 2: Joshua to 2 Samuel (Study Text)

By / Loizeaux Brothers / 1932


In his second volume, Grant contends that the historical books explore the nature of covenant history, yet closely resemble the structure and intent of the Pentateuch. He begins with a sharp challenge against the claims of higher critics, who dispute the historicity and authorship of these books. Instead, Grant argues, the authenticity of these books and their place in the canon affirms the power of God, and much like the Pentateuch, contains elements of a new beginning and a need for obedience. Yet the importance of these books in the biblical canon lies not in their relation to what comes before—the Pentateuch—but to what comes next—God’s punishment and Israel’s captivity. Thus, these books anticipate the dispensational purpose of Israel’s captivity and constitute a new stage in God’s revelation.

Product Details

  • Title: The Numerical Bible, Vol. 2: Joshua to 2 Samuel (Study Text)
  • Author: Grant, F. W.
  • Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers
  • Publication Date: 1932