Leupold Old Testament Commentaries: Genesis

By / Baker / 1942


Leupold’s first volume in his two volume set of expositions on Genesis begins with a lucid introduction that discusses authorship, historicity, literary criticism, interpretation, and provides an outline of Genesis’ fifty chapters. Then beginning with creation and ending with the destruction of Sodom Dr. Leupold exhibits sound exegesis and a firm grasp on Hebraic linguistics. H.C. Leupold’s Exposition of Genesis made Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly’s best commentaries on the book of Genesis beside Luther’s works on Genesis. The second volume of Leupold’s work in Genesis begins with Abraham and Sarah at Gerar and continues through the story of Joseph at the close of the book. Leupold wraps up his commentary on Genesis with the same sort of sensible analysis that earned him a place in 1936’s Who’s Who In The Clergy.

Product Details

  • Title: Leupold Old Testament Commentaries: Genesis
  • Author: Leupold, H. C.
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 1942