Renewing Your Church through Vision and Planning

Bethany House, 1997


Vision never comes with all the answers. Vision is, by definition, seeing beyond present possibilities. It means conceptualizing what a church could be like.

Some pastors and church leaders burn white hot with vision. Most of us, however, feel more skilled in other areas of leadership. Our training, we feel, prepares us for one hour on Sunday morning—not for the task of guiding a group of people toward a well-defined goal. Yet most of us can think in visionary terms with the right encouragement and help.

This second volume in the Library of Leadership Development shows how you can help your congregation glimpse and grow toward vitality and spiritual depth to powerfully impact their world. Now, in a never-before-collected lineup, are thirty chapters of expert advice.

Product Details

  • Title: Renewing Your Church Through Vision and Planning
  • Editor: Marshall Shelley
  • Publisher: Bethany
  • Publication Date: 1997


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