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Growing Your Church through Evangelism and Outreach

By / Moorings / 1996

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The words evangelism and outreach often evoke guilt and anxiety. Church members feel guilty because they think they should do more of both. But the thought of doing more makes them anxious. Few people feel confident going into “all the world.”

How can church leaders instill passion for evangelism? How can they help their churches look outward?

Growing Your Church Through Evangelism and Outreach is not filled with “shoulds” and “oughts” but with grace and hope. Its authors, graduates of the evangelism-and-outreach school of hard knocks, write out of experience. They’ve found what works. They’ve helped grow churches through evangelism and outreach. Now, in a hard-hitting line up, are thirty chapters of expert advice.

Product Details

  • Title: Growing Your Church Through Evangelism and Outreach
  • Author: Marshall Shelley
  • Publisher: Moorings
  • Publication Date: 1996