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Good Intentions: Nine Hot-Button Issues Viewed through the Eyes of Faith

By 2 authors ,
/ Moody / 2008

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Most of us turn to the Bible for decision making, but since the Bible deals in morality and value, it's difficult to apply its principles to the economic choices we make each day. However, by measuring the outcome of these choices with the use of economic theory, we can determine long-range implications and more easily evaluate them according to biblical criteria. Good Intentions suggest that it is possible to do good in economic matters if one begins with the right assumptions. By combining a biblical framework with standard economic tools and principles, the authors assess the morality and biblical "rightness" of choices we make every day. Rather than suggesting what readers should think, they provide sound economic reasoning that can be coupled with scriptural directives and examples to help readers make up their own minds about even the thorniest economic issues of our day.

Product Details

  • Title: Good Intentions: Nine Hot-Button Issues Viewed through the Eyes of Faith
  • Authors: Charles M. North and Bob Smietana
  • Publisher: Moody
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Pages: 250

About the Authors

Charles M. North is an associate professor of economics at Baylor University. Prior to this he practiced as an attorney at firms in both Austin and Dallas. An expert in the fields of economics and law, Dr. North has published numerous journal articles and in recent years has focused his research on the economics of religion and on law and economics. Dr. North lives with his family in Waco, Texas.

Bob Smietana is an award-winning journalist and features editor for the Covenant Companion magazine, a correspondent for Religion News Service (RNS), and freelance religion writer whose stories have appeared in national and regional U.S. newspapers and national religious magazines. He lives outside of Chicago with his wife, Kathy, and their three children.