Does Jacob's Trouble Wear a Cross?

Excellence in Christian Books, 1995
ISBN: 9781573760003


Hitler depended upon the teachings of the Church Fathers to justify the Holocaust! How did the Church go from a 1st century branch of Judaism to a 20th century contributor to the Holocaust? The New Testament Church didn’t have a New Testament! What did they read? The 1st 15 popes were Jewish! How did 2nd century Gentile control impact the early Jewish Christians? The first white man in America was Jewish! Why did later colonial America decree “Death to Jews?” Jewish believer, Dr. Randy Weiss addresses these facts and discusses the Jewish origins of the Church in Does Jacob’s Trouble Wear a Cross

Product Details

  • Title: Does Jacob's Trouble Wear a Cross
  • Author: Randall A. Weiss
  • Publisher: T E C Publications
  • Publication Date: 1995
  • Pages: 159


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