Jewish Sects of the New Testament Era

Cross Talk, 1994


What was Judaism like in the time of Jesus? Jewish Sects of the New Testament Era answers this question and brings readers into the Word and world of New Testament Judaism. Jewish believer Dr. Randy Weiss identifies the dramatic, undeniable, ancient connection between ancient Judaism and nascent Christianity. Did the Jews kill Christ? If so, what form of Judaism is to blame? Many "flavors" of ancient Judaism are examined in this work. Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Ebionites, Sicarii, Theraputae, and others are considered. Jesus lived in an apocalyptic era. He came to a people ripe with messianic expectations. This text enables students of the New Testament to understand the varied Jewish belief systems at work among the segmented groups of Jews who lived in the time of Christ.

Product Details

  • Title: Jewish Sects of the New Testament Era
  • Author: Randall A. Weiss
  • Publisher: Cross Talk
  • Publication Date: 1994


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