Preaching that Changes Lives

Thomas Nelson, 2002
ISBN: 9781418506827


There are lots of books on preaching but this is the only book with the centrality of changing lives.

Certainly there are many books about preaching on the market today, but no author directs his attention to the clear message of changing lives more than Michael Fabarez.

Everything a pastor does must be done with the perspective of changing lives. When a pastor studies, it should be with the anticipation of changing lives. When he is looking for the right illustration, it must be through the lens of changing lives. When he sets forth the spiritual direction for the church, he must have the scope of changing lives in his focus.

All other books dissect the essentials of pastoral ministry, but Preaching That Changes Lives takes it one step further!

Key Features

  • Accessible: Written in a way that the busy pastor can digest
  • Brief: Only 15 short chapters. Any pastor can do it!
  • Practical: Doesn't every pastor want to be?
  • Life-changing: As a pastor reads this book, he will not only be able to change lives, but he will change his own. Full of helps for the pastor's personal, family, devotional, and professional life.


  • Haddon Robinson
  • Hank Hanegraff
  • Jay Adams
  • Dick Mayhue
  • John MacArthur

Product Details

  • Title: Preaching that Changes Lives
  • Author: Michael Fabarez
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 224


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