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Spiritual Snacks for Hungry Christians

Format: Digital
, 2005


This book's popularity is due to its unique approach and versatility. The devotions can become deep Bible studies, self-searching journeys, or brief but stimulating spiritual snacks that wet the soul's appetite.

Each scripture is broken into "bite size" thoughts for ease of "chewing them over," followed by provocative questions that will stimulate digestion. The result? Balanced, spiritual nourishment.

The perfect spiritual growth book for active people.

Dr. Monroe Gaultney's Spiritual Snacks for the Hungry Christian offers simple spiritual insights that direct the reader towards a deeper "hunger" for loving and serving God. Broken into small sections, generally focusing on a few verses, Spiritual Snacks is perfect for short personal Bible studies or for developing ideas for a small group discussion.

Foreword to the Print Edition

The Scriptures are laced with references to eating, from the mandated feasts of the first covenant and love feasts of the early church to the miracles of the loaves and fishes to references by Jesus Himself of being the Bread that we must eat in order to have eternal life.

The topic of spiritual consumption was so very important to Jesus that he risked offense at the height of his ministry—when most would have been enthusiastically courting converts—and lost many disciples over it.

Following his “hard words” that we must eat and drink of His body and His blood, He declared that these were words of spirit and life that only those called by the Father would understand. John 6:66 tells us, From that time, many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. They choked on the Word and could not receive it. Tragically, they had no hunger for the fresh Manna, for the only Bread that could bring life to them.

How about you? Do you fill up on worldly junk food or are you craving the spiritual meat that alone can satisfy? Do you even know how to feed yourself properly? If you are like most Christians, you probably gulp whatever little spiritual food you do eat and don’t even taste what you are sending to your stomach. Physically, habits like that will produce, at best, indigestion and at worst, many chronic and debilitating conditions. Spiritually, you’d be starving yourself to death.

This book is a fabulous find that will stay in your family for years because it contains the timeless Living Word.

Its approach is simple: To digest anything properly, whether it be food for the body or the spirit, you must chew before you swallow. Monroe’s creative and accurate handling of Scripture makes God’s Word intimately personal to each individual.

So allow a renowned chef and culinary instructor to show you how to snack wisely. Infuse your quiet time or devotional reading time with these highly nutritional “power treats” and watch your spiritual muscles grow!

Sandy Bloomfield
Senior editor, SHINE Magazine

Introduction to the Print Edition

The “spiritual snacks” in this book are a result of my discovery that spiritual eating habits are similar to physical eating habits.

  • You read the menu
  • You order in your own words
  • You chew
  • You digest.

Spiritual snacks are set up the same way.

  • Scripture: Read the menu
  • In Other Words: Order in your own words
  • Small Bites: Chew
  • Questions and Thoughts to Aid Digestion: Digest.

I trust that these snacks will be a springboard to your own spiritual growth, as well as to those with whom you come in contact. Each page of Snacks is a study. You may simply enjoy the studies as devotions only, or you may go back and answer each question that you feel pertains to you.

Product Details

  • Title: Spiritual Snacks for Hungry Christians
  • Author: Monroe Gaultney
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 197

About Monroe Gaultney

Dr. Monroe Gaultney, is a certified chef and pastry chef, as well as a dynamic Bible teacher. Dr. Gaultney has over 30 years experience in professional food preparation, and many years as a volunteer prison chaplain and bi-vocational pastor. He is one of the world's foremost experts on spiritual dining. He teaches seminars and workshops with the Bible in one hand and a cookbook in the other. Dr. Gaultney is the founder of Hungry Christian Ministries, an educational ministry formed to increase spiritual nutrition awareness among Christians. Find out more at