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The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise


Like Romeo and Juliet, Abelard and Heloise are one of the most celebrated couples of all time. And like the Shakespearean play, their love story is marred by tragedy. The letters contained in this volume are some of the most passionate love letters ever written. Translated from the original 1722 Latin edition into English, Ralph Fletcher Seymour provides a brief introduction to their powerful, heart-wrenching story.

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Key Features

  • Brings a famous love story to life
  • Translated from Latin into English
  • Provides insight into the Middle Ages

Praise for the Print Edition

The Love of Abelard and Heloise is one of the romances, founded in literal reality, that have never lost their power.

—American Lithographer

Product Details

About Ralph Fletcher Seymour

Ralph Fletcher Seymour (1876–1966) was an artist-in-residence at Knox College at taught illustration at the Art Institute of Chicago. He was a noted designer of bookplates, and for almost seven decades he ran his own book publishing firm in Chicago.