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Mediæval Preachers and Mediæval Preaching


Mediæval Preachers and Mediæval Preaching: A Series of Extracts is a survey of extracts from sermons from the Middle Ages. J.M. Neale provides an in-depth introduction to the sermons of that epoch, and then provides notes on the sermons sampled. Sermons included come from eminent Medieval preachers such as: St. Boniface, St. Bede, St. Atto of Vercell, St. Peter Damiani, St. Bruno of Aste, Peter Abaelard, Adam Scotus, Thomas à Kempis, and more.

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Key Features

  • Provides an introduction that prepares the reader and gives them the context to understand the translated text
  • Presents a collection of sermons from noteworthy preachers in the Medieval Ages
  • Offers a look at the preaching style, and sermon topics of the Middle Ages


  • Venerable Bede
  • S. Boniface: Apostle of Germany (AD 680–754)
  • S. Hrabanus Mauris (AD 776–856)
  • S. Atto of Verceil
  • S. Peter Damiani
  • S. Anselm
  • S. Ivo of Chartres
  • S. Bruno or Aste
  • Hildebert, Archbishop of Tours (1057–1134)
  • Peter Abaelard (AD 1079–1142)
  • Guarric, Abbat of Igniac
  • S. Aelred (Died 1166)
  • Adam Scotus (Circ. 1160)
  • Peter, Bishop of Chartres
  • Peter of Blois
  • B. Ogerius (about 1200)
  • S. Antony of Padua
  • S. Bonaventura (AD 1201–1274)
  • B. Albertus Magnus (1205–1280)
  • Thomas A. Kempis
  • Antonio Vieyra

Praise for the Print Edition

A remarkable book; chiefly valuable to clergymen of all persuasions, but not without interest to the literary student, or the thoughtful frequenter of public worship.

The Living Age

Product Details

  • Title: Mediæval Preachers and Mediæval Preaching: A Series of Extracts
  • Author: J.M. Neale
  • Publisher: J. & C. Mozley
  • Publication Date: 1856
  • Pages: 340
  • Christian Group: Anglican
  • Resource Type: Sermons
  • Topic: Medieval Period

About John Mason Neale

John Mason Neale was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge where he founded the Cambridge Camden Society (later known as the Ecclesiological Society). He was also the principal founder of the Anglican and Eastern Churches Association, a religious organization founded as the Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches Union in 1864. A well known hymnist and translator, his works include An Introduction to the History of the Holy Eastern Church, Essays on Liturgiology and Church History, and O come, O come, Emmanuel.