S. Ephraim's Prose Refutations of Mani, Marcion, and Bardaisan, vol. 2


Volume two of S. Ephraim's Prose Refutations contains further refutations against Bardaisan, Mani, and Marcion and a discourse on virginity. This volume also contains each discourse in the original Syriac, with an introductory essay by F. C. Burkitt on St. Ephraim, the origin of the manuscripts, the theological systems of Bardaisan, Mani, and Marcion, and notes on the method of translation.

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Key Features

  • Contains a discourse on virginity
  • Argues against the teachings of Bardaisan, Mani, and Marcion
  • Provides discourses in the original Syriac

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About the Authors

Charles Wand Mitchell (1878–1917) was Hebrew Master at Merchant Taylors' School, London. He was ordained in 1907 and received his MA in 1912. In 1915, he served in World War I as a chaplain in the Canadian Army. It was on the Front, while bandaging a wounded soldier, where he was fatally wounded.

Francis Crawford Burkitt (1864–1935) was Norris Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge from 1905 to 1934. His academic focus was the reception of the New Testament and textual criticism. He is known both for the critical stance he took on the notion of the Caesarean text type proposed by B. H. Streeter and also for his standard edition of Curetonianus, one of two known existing Old Syriac New Testament manuscripts.


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