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中文聖經新標點和合本(上帝版)(繁體)The Holy Bible: Traditional Chinese Union Version (Shangti Edition) (CUNP)

By 2 authors ,
/ 2 publishers 香港聖經公會,
Hong Kong Bible Society
/ 1996

Runs on Windows, Mac, and mobile.


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語言Translation Type: 繁體中文Traditional Chinese

詳細資料Product Details

  • 書名Title: 中文聖經和合本-上帝版(繁體)The Holy Bible: Chinese Union Version (Shangti Edition) (RCU)
  • 作者/編者 Author/Editor: 聯合聖經公會United Bible Societies
  • 出版社Publisher: 香港聖經公會Hong Kong Bible Society
  • 出版日期Publication Date: 1989