The Kings and Prophets of Israel and Judah: From the Division of the Kingdom to the Babylonian Exile

Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1909


The three and a half centuries that began with the division of the Hebrew empire and extended to the Babylonian exile were in many ways the most important period in Israel’s history. It was during this epoch that the Israelites ceased to be a provincial people, limited in their outlook to the narrow horizon of Palestine. Events over which they had little control brought them into close contact with the great world powers of the day, thereby vastly broadening their faith—as well as their vision of history—and their relationship with the rest of the human race. It was a period marked by supreme political, social, and religious crises, which fundamentally transformed Israel’s religion and institutions. These crises called forth the great ethical prophets of the eighth and seventh centuries BC; their work and teachings made Israel’s experience during these trying years one of the most significant chapters in human history. Contents include:

  • The History of Northern Israel
  • The Assyrian Period of Judah’s History
  • The Last Half Century of Judah’s History

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Praise for the Print Edition

This third volume of the The Historical Bible covers that period in Old Testament history that is richest in literary and spiritual achievements. The volumes are thus to be heartily recommended. They present an adequate translation, illuminating historical notes, and a sane religious application.

Biblical World

The way in which the history and the prophecy are made mutually illustrative is excellent, and the whole book is likely to be very useful to the student.

Specialty Magazine

A fitting testimony to the industry and carefulness of Dr. Kent’s scholarship.

Southern Methodist Review

Professor Charles Foster Kent has performed the task necessary to careful study of the Old Testament, but difficult and involved for all but specialists, of weaving together in chronological order the narratives of the historical books and the sections of the prophetical writings which deal with the same period.


Product Details

  • Title: The Kings and the Prophets of Israel and Judah: From the Division of the Kingdom to the Babylonian Exile
  • Author: Charles Foster Kent
  • Publisher: Charles Scribner’s Sons
  • Publication Date: 1909
  • Pages: 323

About Charles Foster Kent

Charles Foster Kent (1867–1925) was born in Palmyra, New York, and educated at Yale, Yale Divinity School, and the University of Berlin. After working as an instructor at the University of Chicago and a professor of biblical literature and history at Brown University, he became Woolsey Professor of Biblical Literature at Yale University in 1901. He was a prolific author and editor, and his works include The Wise Men of Ancient Israel and Their Proverbs, Origin and Permanent Value of the Old Testament, Israel’s Laws and Legal Precedents, and Israel’s Historical and Biographical Narratives.


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