Everyday Understanding: Your Bible Handbook

Thomas Nelson, 2006
ISBN: 9781418527488


When you read the Bible, do you find comprehension or confusion?

Look inside Everyday Understanding and find the big picture. The book opens with the thirty biggest headlines from the Biblical narrative. Then, walks you step by step through the who, what, where, when, and why of each book. In a few short pages, you’ll begin to understand how the Bible fits together into a whole. Maps, charts, and illustrations help you make sense of:

  • Angels, villains, and heroes
  • Miracles, tools, and weapons
  • Towns, cities, and nations
  • Days, weeks, and years

Everyday Understanding prepares you to read the Bible on your own with insight and comprehension.

Everyday Understanding. Because Faith Grows Day by Day.

Key Features

  • Gives you the overall plan of the Bible
  • Explains important details of every book in the Bible


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