Christ and Creation

Paternoster, 1992


The relation between Christ and creation is the subject of this book, which author Colin Gunton describes as “a summary dogmatic Christology.” Central to Gunton’s Christology are a strong incarnation-creation link and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Weaving pneumatological, teleological, eschatological, anthropological, and ecological strands into his Christology, Gunton draws from and interacts with a wide range of theologians, from ancient to modern – Paul, Irenaeus, Augustine, Anslem, Aquinas, Calvin, Schleiermacher, Barth, Moltmann, Pannenberg, Thomas, Torrance, John Robinson and many others.

Praise for the Print Edition

…a theological masterpiece in miniature…


…a fresh, provocative, and stimulating account of the relation between Christ and creation… Christ and Creation is a highly commendable resource for seminarians, ministers and pastors, and the church at large.

—Benjamin W. Farley, Erskine College

Product Details

  • Title: Christ and Creation
  • Author: Colin Gunton
  • Publisher: Paternoster
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 127

About Colin E. Gunton

Colin E. Gunton (1941-2003) was professor of systematic theology at King's College, London from 1969 until his death. He was appointed professor of theology in 1984 and then served as Head of the Department of Theology & Religious Studies from 1993-96. In 1992 Gunton delivered the Bampton Lectures at the University of Oxford and in 1993 delivered the Warfield Lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary. Together with John Webster, Gunton co-founded the International Journal of Systematic Theology.

Gunton is often cited as one of the most important British theologians of his generation. Just before his death, he was awarded the earned D.D. by the University of Oxford, where he had taken his three previous degrees. Also just before his death, King's College had decided to make him a fellow of the college, its highest honor, which was then awarded posthumously.

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