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Revise Us Again: Living from a Renewed Christian Script


Every person follows a script for living—a life-guide that offers cues for our behavior and direction for our choices. As believers, the Word of God gives us a script for experiencing life as God intended. Yet, our scripts are often distorted by our environment, our culture, and our religious traditions. As a result, all of us are in constant need of revising the scripts that we live by.

Author Frank Viola believes we need to revisit and revise what it means to live the Christian life. Drawing from his rich background in ministry, Viola shares how believers can benefit from rescripting their lives in 10 key areas. Written in a conversational tone and filled with practical insights, Revise Us Again is ideal for any reader who longs to follow God’s original script for living.

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Key Features

  • Explores how God communicates with his people and how we speak with each other
  • Discusses 10 areas of Christian living that each follower should look at closely
  • Dissects what is fed to Christians and what the Bible actually says in regard to core spiritual areas


  • God’s Three-Fold Speaking: Revising the Lord’s Voice
  • The Lord Told Me: Revising Christianeze
  • Let Me Pray About It: Revising Christian Code Language
  • Spiritual Conversational Styles: Revising Our Semantics
  • What’s Wrong with Our Gospel?: Revising Our Message
  • The Felt-Presence of God: Revising Our Awareness of the Divine
  • Captured by the Same Spirit You Oppose: Revising Our Attitudes
  • The God of Unseen Endings: Revising Our Spiritual Expectations
  • Stripping Down to Christ Alone: Revising the Holy Spirit’s Ministry
  • Your Christ Is Too Small: Revising Our Chief Pursuit

Praise for the Print Edition

In 10 easy-to-read chapters, Frank gently—but directly—invites us to revise our long-held ‘scripted’ assumptions about how God communicates to us, how Christian speak to one another, the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst today, and the content of the good news we proclaim to our friends and neighbors. . . . Highly recommended!

—Mike Morrell, graduate fellow in emergent studies, Regent University

Frank masterfully describes the process of success for our future as Christ followers, and God is writing us a prescription in this book. . . . Frank takes us to the core issues of the heart and life in Christ. Take the prescription by reading this book, and you will go forward in a mindset that is healthy and whole for your journey ahead.

—Robert Ricciardelli, founder, Converging Zone Network

From the introduction to the concluding remarks, there was a spirit of grace that invited me to reexamine some of my own ideas about the Christian life. While Revise Us Again is an easy read, its message is profound!

—S.J. Hill, author, Enjoying God

I like short books. They’re usually written from pure motives. Frank Viola’s Revise Us Again is not only short but full of humor and wisdom—a plea (with directions!) for sanity in the storm of flesh-corrupted chaos that is called ‘Christianity’ in the twenty-first century.

—Don Francisco, musician

Product Details

About Frank Viola

Frank Viola is a frequent conference speaker and author of numerous books on the deeper Christian life and church restoration, including Jesus Manifesto, coathored with Leanard Sweet. He is a nationally recognized expert on emerging trends for the church, and he is actively engaged in planting New Testament-style churches.