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A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy: 60 Predictions Everyone Should Know

, 2013
ISBN: 9780801015090


A glance at tabloid headlines reveals that we have an almost insatiable desire to see into the future. In our search to know what is to come, many turn to the Bible for answers. Both the Old and the New Testament are loaded with prophets and prophecies. Who were these people who supposedly could predict the future? Have their prophecies come true?

Now readers can get to the bottom of 60 crucial Bible prophecies quickly and easily with A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy. This accessible handbook will help readers understand prophecies within their biblical context and avoid common misinterpretations. Author Stan Guthrie explains what each prophecy meant to those who first received it, summarizes what it means for us today, and provides verses or passages for further individual or group study.

Whether you’re a student, a pastor, or a layperson, this volume provokes you to read the Bible honestly—to let it surprise, challenge, and correct you as you apply the many steps of interpretation. By using the tools included in this volume, you’ll approach Bible study with more depth and understanding. Integrate the practical methods found in this collection with your preferred Bible, the Passage Guide, and the other Bible-study tools in Logos Bible Software—and then dive into Bible study with a vast knowledge base right before your eyes.

Key Features

  • Emphasizes the importance of understanding the Bible in its original contexts
  • Illustrates various ways Scripture has been misinterpreted
  • Shows how to apply Scripture’s wisdom in the modern context


  • Israel
  • The Nations
  • The Once and Future Kings
  • Jesus—First Advent
  • Jesus—Life and Ministry
  • Jesus—Death and Resurrection
  • The Church
  • Last Days, Second Advent, and the Final State

Praise for the Print Edition

Nothing is more exciting—or more important—than the promises and prophecies of Scripture. Nothing brings greater hope. Nothing brings greater clarity to our lives. I thank the Lord, and my good friend Stan, for this encouraging and important piece of work.

Luis Palau, world evangelist

Stan Guthrie is a cogent thinker and graceful writer I love to read. While A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy happens to cover an area of personal interest for me, Stan can draw me into any subject simply by the way he examines and explains it. Every Guthrie book is a treat.

Jerry B. Jenkins, owner, Christian Writers Guild

Bible prophecy is a subject that’s often been smothered by fantasy, confusion, and outright distortion. Stan Guthrie addresses it with lucidity, humility, and a deep love for God’s Word.

—John Wilson, editor, Books & Culture

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About Stan Guthrie

Stan Guthrie is an author, literary agent, and editor at large for Christianity Today. An award-winning veteran journalist and commentator on the evangelical scene, he has edited or cowritten a dozen books, and cohosts a weekly podcast for Books & Culture. Guthrie lives in Illinois.