From Eden to Babel: A Commentary on Genesis 1-11

Eerdmans 1988
ISBN: 9780802803375


Genesis 1-11 preserves a unique view of Bible history, tracing the move from Eden, an idyllic world fully in accord with the will of God, to Babel, a fallen world desperately in need of salvation.

In this commentary, Donald E. Gowan demonstrates acute sensitivity and insight in focusing on the theological import of these familiar but often puzzling accounts, showing them to be even more crucial for what they say to us about ourselves than for the information they record about individuals and events so very long ago.

Addressing such themes as the existence of evil and the threat of chaos, human power and violence, tension between the sexes and the breakdown of the family, he remains ever conscious of the gospel as set forth in Genesis.

Product Details

  • Title: From Eden to Babel: A Commentary on Genesis 1-11
  • Author: Donald E. Gowan
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1988

About Donald E. Gowan

Donald E. Gowan is Robert C. Holland Professor of Old Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.


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