Explorer's Bible Study on Romans, Galatians & James

Explorer’s Bible Study, 2002


The Apostle Paul, who was called, committed, and courageous, was the author of two of the three epistles that are covered in this study. Romans, the first epistle in the New Testament, is considered by many to be the foundational document of Biblical doctrine. The essential truth of justification through faith alone is central to this book. The book of Galatians builds on this foundation and continues to demonstrate the inability of the law to justify. James, the final book in this study, emphasizes godly behavior - the working out of our faith. (30 Lessons)

Product Details

  • Title: Explorer's Bible Study on Romans, Galatians & James
  • Author: Marni Shideler McKenzie
  • Publisher: Explorer's Bible Study
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 82