What the Bible Says About…Child Training

Foundation for Biblical Research, 1996


Being a parent is a difficult and often bewildering challenge. There are so many conflicting theories about child training that even the reputed “experts” disagree with each other. The need for clear guidelines for parents to be successful in child training is dramatically evident in our world today. What the Bible Says About … Child Training will help parents better understand their role and discover the mechanics for successfully raising children.

This book will define parental accountability, authority, and responsibility, as well as describe the nature of a child and explain his biblically-defined stages of development. The unique aspect of this book is that the author accepts the Bible as absolute truth and infinitely superior to any human system of thinking. The subject of child training is handled solely from the Biblical viewpoint.

J. Richard Fugate discusses two distinct phases for child training: the control phase where parents establish their right of ruler-ship over the will of the child, and the teaching phase where they are able to impart the things a child needs to know and learn. Fugate proclaims that the latter cannot fully take place until the former is firmly founded in the Biblical commandment that children obey their parents. It is the author’s prayer that this book “may begin a return to God’s Word for the information that will enable mankind to find God’s purpose for life.”

The system of child training presented herein has been used by thousands of families with dramatic results. The author has added comments, examples, and anecdotes to this second edition. It also includes four appendixes and a bibliography.

Praise for the Print Edition

What a wonderful resource for Christian families seeking to train their children by the principles laid out in scripture. How much our Heavenly Father loves us! When we do what he has taught us in the loving and kind way he has instructed us, there is peace and contentment in our homes. I wish I had this resource when my oldest child was young. I read this book when my 2nd was born and it has been a blessing. We have not had any of the nonsense I see in so many families today, where tyrannical teenagers rule or moody children drain the families joy. Having children know how to obey and be pleasing from a very young age is such a blessing.

—online reviewer

Product Details

  • Title: What the Bible Says About…Child Training
  • Author: J. Richard Fugate
  • Publisher: Foundation for Biblical Research
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 328

About J. Fugate

J. Richard Fugate is the founder and director of the Foundation for Biblical Research (FBR). Its goal is to perform technical research in the Scripture’s original languages. Soon after his commitment to God, Mr. Fugate was called as Business Manager and later Vice President of Finance for Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.). In 1975, Mr. and Mrs. Fugate were led to start a Christian school in Garland, Texas based on their experience of home schooling their own children for two years. In 1978, Mr. Fugate began consulting part time with Alpha Omega Publications (A.O.P.) in Phoenix, Arizona while he began FBR in Austin, Texas. In March of 1982 he was hired as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of A.O.P. Mr. Fugate has been a keynote speaker at over 40 state home school conventions over the years and has written three books on home schooling. In the mid 1990s, Mr. and Mrs. Fugate traveled around the country speaking on Biblical marriage, child training, and home schooling. Fugate served as Business Manager of Family Ministries from 2000 through 2004. While currently functioning as the Director of The Foundation for Biblical Research in Arizona, he continues to teach and write Biblical truths on the family and Christian maturity. He is also the author of What the Bible Says About … Being a Man.

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