Faith, Form, and Time

B&H, 2002


Darwinian theories of the universe, although mostly rejected by evangelical Christians, have still found their way into creation theology. Evolutionist creation has watered down much of the Bible's teaching in order to reconcile with popular tenets of science. The whole controversy, it seems, gravitates around the age of the universe.

Dr. Kurt Wise uses solid biblical teachings and scientific confirmation to explain why a young universe creation is correct. Beginning with God and His Word as the standard, Wise demonstrates how the biblical witness teaches that the age of the universe is not as old as Darwinian theory would contend. He also shows how all issues raised by evolutionists can be answered not only by the Bible, but also by scientific data and research, nailing shut macroevolution's coffin.

Praise for the Print Edition

I love the Word of God. . . Yet when I read what Kurt Wise has written, I love it even more. . . I am amazed at this brilliant man’s ability to speak to my heart and mind in such a perspicuous way!. . . this book causes its reader to stand in awe of God and assures him he can truly take God at His Word from Genesis 1:1 on—without apology or embarrassment in the face of those who believe otherwise.

—Kay Arthur, Author, Co-CEO, Precept Ministries International

Product Details

  • Title: Faith, Form, and Time: What the Bible Teaches and Science Confirms about Creation and the Age of the Universe
  • Author: Kurt P. Wise
  • Publisher: Broadman and Holman
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 299

About Kurt P. Wise

Kurt P. Wise received a B.A. from the Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in paleontology from Harvard University under Stephen Jay Gould. He has lectured and written widely on the subject of young-age creationism. He was the seminal director of the Center for Origins Research and Education (C.O.R.E.) at Bryan College in Tennessee until August, 2006. Dr. Wise is currently the Professor of Science and Theology and the director of the Center for Science and Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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