Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty

Eerdmans, 1989
ISBN: 9780802804495


A commentary on a particular book of the Bible ordinarily employs one of several possible methods of study. In this absorbing study of the Epistle to the Galatians, Merrill C. Tenney provides the reader with a concise and comprehensive analysis of Galatians by devoting a chapter to each of ten different methods of Bible study: synthetic, critical, biographical, historical, theological, rhetorical, topical, analytical, comparative, and devotional. Their inclusion in one volume provides a stimulating, rich source of material for the study of Galatians, as well as a basis for the study of other books of the Bible. For some time the author has had the conviction that there is room in the field of biblical exegesis for a work which should encourage the lover of the Bible to pursue its study for himself. There are so many treasures in the Word of God that no one commentary or treatise can contain all of them; and since one book can deal with only a few at the most, the best procedure is to show how the treasures can be unlocked, and let the reader use the key for himself.

Many extensive commentaries and critical essays have been written on Galatians, and this book does not pretend to supersede them. It is an attempt to present ten different approaches to the meaning of the biblical text, and to illustrate each so that the reader can imitate the procedure and thus have the joy of making original discoveries in the divine revelation. The sum total of these illustrations will provide a representative treatment of Galatians. This book was written to promote a more thorough understanding of the Galatians Epistle as a whole, both in its original context and its modern application. Those who are well-founded in Scripture will enjoy the various methods of investigation used to gain a fuller knowledge of the literary work the Apostle Paul has given us. Those less developed in their understanding of God’s Word should gain a much better knowledge of the history and circumstances surrounding the text.

Praise for the Print Edition

Both the lay reader as well as the theological student will find much of profit in a serious perusal of this book for the understanding of this important Epistle as well as for developing good habits of critical study of the Scriptures.

—Bruce M. Metzger, Princeton Seminary Bulletin

In this highly esteemed volume, Tenney brings together ten different tools of Bible discovery and devotes an entire chapter to each, applying it to the Epistle to the Galatians and examining the unique aspects brought forth. An excellent training guide enabling all students of biblical knowledge to gain fresh perspectives by varying their approaches.

—Online Reviewer

Product Details

  • Title: Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty
  • Author: Merrill C. Tenney
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1978
  • Pages: 216

About Merrill C. Tenney

Merrill C. Tenney, who died in 1985, was for many years Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Bible and Theology at Wheaton College in Illinois. Among his many books are New Testament Survey and New Testament Times. Tenney’s work is also featured in Bible Interpreters of the 20th Century and Illustrated Manners and Customs of the Bible

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