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The Ecclesiastical History (John of Ephesus)


The third, and only surviving part, of John of Ephesus’ Ecclesiastical History, this volume records the history of Eastern Church during a seventeen-year period during the second-half of the sixth century—AD 571 to AD 588. John of Ephesus was a contemporary of the events he describes: his proximity to the material (and the work’s narrow chronological scope) makes the Ecclesiastical History of great value to the historian. It documents Christian efforts to live and preach the gospel in in the earliest days of Islam’s rise in the Middle East, providing crucial documentation of early interactions between Christians and Muslims. Ecclesiastical History gives you the opportunity to gain a more complete and nuanced understanding of the relationship between the two religions, especially in their early exchanges.

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Key Features

  • Presents a contemporary account of the church in the Middle East in the early modern era
  • Fills in a critical historical gap of the sixteenth-century
  • Provides documentation of and insight into, Christianity’s encounters with Islam

Product Details

  • Title: The Third Part of the Ecclesiastical History of John Bishop of Ephesus
  • Author: John Bishop of Ephesus
  • Translator: R. Payne Smith
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Publication Date: 1860
  • Pages: 463

About John Bishop of Ephesus

John Bishop of Ephesus (c. AD 507–c. 586) was a Byzantine historian, and a leader of the Syriac Church. A dissident of the Council of Chalcedon (AD 451), and member of the Monophysites, he is purported to have written three volumes covering the church’s history from Julius Caesar to the end of the sixth century, but only one volume exists today.